Deleted App Still Showing Up On Your Mac? 9 Fixes To Try

Have you ever experienced the perplexing situation where you thought you’d removed an application from your Mac, only to find remnants of it persistently lingering around? The lingering appearance of a deleted app on your Mac can be confounding and frustrating. However, fear not! There are several effective strategies to eradicate these ghostly remnants and restore the pristine state of your Mac. In this guide, we’ll explore nine troubleshooting steps to tackle this issue and ensure a clean sweep of deleted apps.

1. Empty Trash

When you delete an application on your Mac, it often moves to the Trash folder. However, simply dragging an app to the Trash doesn’t completely remove it from your system. To fully expunge the application, emptying the Trash is imperative. Sometimes, overlooked files associated with the app can still reside in the Trash, causing the app to seemingly persist.

2. Restart Your Mac

A restart can work wonders in resolving myriad software-related issues. After deleting an app, restarting your Mac might help in clearing any remaining cached data or temporary files associated with the application, thereby preventing its appearance post-deletion.

3. Check Application Support and Preference Files

Applications often leave behind support and preference files even after deletion. These files might be stored in various directories on your Mac. Navigating to the Library folder (both in your user and system directories) and seeking out folders related to the deleted app can help in completely removing its traces. Deleting these residual files manually ensures a more thorough uninstallation.

4. Use Third-Party Uninstaller Apps

Utilizing third-party uninstaller applications like AppCleaner or CleanMyMac can streamline the process of removing apps and their associated files. These tools are specifically designed to comprehensively uninstall applications, combing through your system for any remnants left behind.

5. Terminal Commands

For more technically inclined users, Terminal commands can be employed to delve deeper into the system and remove stubborn components of deleted applications. Commands such as “rm -rf” followed by the file path can force-delete residual files and folders.

6. Reinstall and Uninstall Again

In some cases, reinstalling the problematic app and then uninstalling it again might resolve underlying issues. This method ensures that all related files are correctly identified and removed during the subsequent uninstallation process.

7. App Store Updates

If the app in question was downloaded from the App Store, checking for updates might be a potential fix. Sometimes, an outdated app can exhibit issues even after deletion. Updating the app and then attempting to delete it anew could resolve the problem.

8. System Updates

Ensuring your macOS is up-to-date is crucial. Sometimes, bugs related to app deletion are patched in system updates. Running the latest macOS version might resolve compatibility issues causing deleted apps to linger.

9. Contact App Support or Apple Support

If all else fails, reaching out to the app’s support team or Apple Support can provide tailored guidance. They might have specific instructions or tools to address the persistent appearance of the deleted app on your Mac.


Encountering a deleted app that refuses to vanish entirely from your Mac can be a vexing situation. However, armed with these nine troubleshooting steps, you possess a comprehensive toolkit to tackle this issue effectively. Remember, persistence and attention to detail are key in ensuring a pristine and clutter-free system. By employing these fixes, bid farewell to the remnants of deleted apps and enjoy a seamlessly clean Mac experience.

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