How To Stop Google Maps From Turning On Do Not Disturb On Android While Driving

In the realm of modern navigation and convenience, Google Maps has become an indispensable tool for many Android users. It efficiently guides us through traffic-laden roads, unfamiliar terrains, and bustling cityscapes. However, a common frustration among users arises when Google Maps automatically triggers the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode while driving, potentially causing missed calls or notifications. But fear not, as there are effective ways to manage this feature and ensure uninterrupted access to essential notifications. Let’s delve into methods to halt Google Maps from activating Do Not Disturb mode on Android devices.

Understanding Do Not Disturb Mode While Driving

Google Maps’ Do Not Disturb mode aims to minimize distractions while driving by silencing notifications and calls. This feature automatically activates when the app detects motion consistent with driving. While it enhances safety by reducing distractions, it can inadvertently mute crucial notifications, causing inconvenience to users who require real-time communication.

Disabling Do Not Disturb for Google Maps

  1. Adjusting Driving Notifications Settings: Open Google Maps, tap your profile picture, select “Settings,” then “Navigation settings.” Under “Driving options,” locate “Do Not Disturb preferences.” Here, you can toggle off “Turn on Do Not Disturb” to prevent the app from activating this mode automatically.
  2. Customize Do Not Disturb Settings: Access your phone’s settings, select “Sound” or “Notifications,” then “Do Not Disturb.” Find “Automatic rules” or “Schedules” and review the settings. You may disable or edit the rules that activate DND mode during specific activities or times.
  3. Utilize Android Auto Settings: If you use Android Auto in your vehicle, it might trigger DND mode. Open Android Auto, tap the menu icon, go to “Settings,” and choose “Phone notifications.” Disable the option to silence notifications while driving.
  4. Update Google Maps and System Software: Ensure that both Google Maps and your Android operating system are updated to the latest versions. Developers often release updates to address bugs or improve functionalities, which might include refinements to the DND feature.

Implementing Alternative Solutions

  1. Use Driving Mode Apps: Explore third-party driving mode apps available on the Google Play Store. Some of these apps offer customizable settings to manage notifications and calls while driving without activating DND mode.
  2. Tasker or Automation Apps: Advanced users can employ automation apps like Tasker to create custom profiles. These profiles can control DND mode based on specific triggers, such as when Google Maps is active.
  3. Reporting Feedback to Google: If the issue persists despite attempts to resolve it, provide feedback to Google. Open Google Maps, go to “Help & feedback,” and describe the problem. Google values user feedback and might address the issue in future updates.

Best Practices for Notification Management

  1. Prioritize Essential Notifications: Customize your notification settings to prioritize crucial apps or contacts. Use “Priority” or “Starred” contacts to ensure important calls or messages bypass DND mode.
  2. Use Hands-Free Options: Invest in hands-free devices or Bluetooth-enabled systems in your vehicle. This allows you to manage calls and messages without manually interacting with your device, minimizing the need for DND mode.
  3. Scheduled Check-ins: Plan breaks during long drives to check notifications and respond to urgent messages. This ensures you stay connected without compromising safety.


While Google Maps’ Do Not Disturb mode intends to enhance safety by reducing distractions while driving, its automatic activation can sometimes disrupt essential communications. Employing the suggested methods to disable or customize DND settings can empower Android users to maintain uninterrupted access to crucial notifications while utilizing Google Maps for navigation. Implementing these solutions ensures a seamless and safe driving experience without compromising connectivity. Remember, safety on the road remains paramount, so always prioritize safe driving practices even as you manage your device’s settings.

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