3 Ways To Recover Deleted Photos On Android Device

In today’s digital age, our smartphones serve as repositories of precious memories captured through photos. Whether it’s the breathtaking landscapes, cherished moments with loved ones, or important documentation, these photos hold immense sentimental and practical value. However, accidental deletion or loss of these photos is a common predicament for many Android users. The good news is that there are reliable methods to recover deleted photos on any Android device, ensuring that these irreplaceable moments are not lost forever.

Method 1: Utilize Google Photos Backup

Google Photos, a widely used app, offers a backup and sync feature that automatically saves your photos and videos to the cloud. If you’ve enabled this feature before the deletion occurred, restoring your deleted photos becomes relatively straightforward.

  1. Open Google Photos: Launch the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the Menu: Look for the three horizontal lines or your profile picture in the top left corner, then tap on it.
  3. Select “Trash” or “Bin”: Within the menu, find and click on “Trash” or “Bin,” where deleted photos are temporarily stored.
  4. Recover Photos: Browse through the deleted photos and select the ones you want to restore.
  5. Restore: Once selected, tap on the “Restore” button to return the photos to your device’s gallery.

Remember, Google Photos keeps deleted items for a limited period (usually 30 days), so act promptly to recover your photos before they’re permanently deleted.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Recovery App

If the photos aren’t available in Google Photos or if you haven’t enabled the backup feature, using a third-party recovery app might be your best bet. Several apps specialize in retrieving deleted files from Android devices, and one of the most popular options is DiskDigger.

  1. Install DiskDigger: Head to the Google Play Store, search for “DiskDigger,” and install the app on your device.
  2. Launch the App and Scan: Open DiskDigger and grant necessary permissions. Then, start the scanning process. The app will search for deleted photos in your device’s memory.
  3. Select Recoverable Photos: Once the scan completes, DiskDigger will display recoverable photos. Browse through the results and choose the photos you wish to retrieve.
  4. Recover: Select the desired photos and tap on the “Recover” button. The app will prompt you to choose the location to save the recovered files—select an appropriate location other than the device’s internal memory to prevent overwriting.

Note: To increase the chances of successful recovery, refrain from using your phone or adding new data before initiating the recovery process.

Method 3: Connect to a Computer and Use Recovery Software

For more advanced users or situations where the aforementioned methods aren’t effective, using specialized recovery software on a computer can be a viable option.

  1. Connect Your Android Device: Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to a computer.
  2. Enable USB Debugging: Ensure USB debugging is enabled on your device by going to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging (varies based on Android versions).
  3. Download Recovery Software: Download reputable recovery software like EaseUS, Dr.Fone, or Recuva on your computer.
  4. Launch the Software and Scan: Open the recovery software and follow the instructions to scan your connected Android device for deleted files.
  5. Select and Recover: Once the scan completes, select the deleted photos you want to recover and initiate the recovery process.

Remember, this method might require technical expertise, and it’s crucial to follow instructions carefully to avoid further data loss.

Precautions and Additional Tips:

  • Act Quickly: The sooner you try to recover deleted photos, the better the chances of successful retrieval.
  • Avoid Overwriting: Minimize the use of your Android device after data loss to prevent overwriting deleted photos.
  • Regular Backups: Set up automated backups through Google Photos or other backup solutions to safeguard against future data loss.

In conclusion, the accidental deletion of photos from your Android device doesn’t have to be a permanent loss. By leveraging built-in features like Google Photos backup, utilizing third-party recovery apps, or employing recovery software on a computer, you can often recover those precious memories. Remember, patience and prompt action significantly increase the likelihood of successful photo recovery.

Always handle your device with care, and consider seeking professional assistance if you’re uncertain about executing the recovery process yourself.

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